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In keeping with the conservation work that we do to domestic buildings our interest in historic restoration extends to commercial and especially retail buildings.

You often see large Victorian facades in British cities disfigured, usually in the 1970's by badly designed and poorly executed shop frontages. They look completely out of place and make city centres seem positively ugly.

We have developed a special skill in replacing such shopfronts with what would have been there in the first place - something which enhances the overall facade of a building. This involves a thorough understanding of the design, construction methods and more importantly, the proportions of older buildings.

Often you can see renovated facades with inappropriately proportioned mouldings, or columns; entablatures too large; architrives too small, and various other members in the wrong relationship to one another. We make sure that this doesn't happen and we don't mind easing your architect's burden by offering advice on some of the finer points

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